Steam mill building from the North

View from the North. Note the truncated chimney which wraps around the nearest corner.

Steam mill building from the South

View of the steam mill building from the bridge across the barge docks in front of the old water mill. Note the northern waterwheel housing just beyond the dock and the temporary blue tarpaulin which was covering the exposed end of the boiler when this photo was taken. Most of this side of the steam mill was the end wall of a granary store of the main water mill and was therefore an internal wall.


boiler and firebox

The Woolf 'Egg-ended' 40psi Elephant boiler. The beam engine is alongside to the right. The chimney (now truncated) is at the far end. The opening around the boiler has now been enclosed with wood boarding.


beam engine

beam engine diagram

Wentworth 12hp steam engine


flywheel Hurst Frame

The flywheel on the drive shaft in the engine room and the hursting in the adjoining spout room.

Drive shaft Wallower Gear

The wallower gear at the base of the hursting. The hozontal drive shaft from the beam engine enters the room though a hole in the dividing wall just above the floor.

Stone Gear

The edge of the Great Spur Wheel and one of the Stone Gears, above the Tendering mechanism which adjusts the gap between the runner and nether millstones,